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Welcome to Bunker Hill Dragstrip! Owned and Operated by Adam Confer




Dragstrip Starting Line
All Race Programs are Weather Permitting and Subject to Change.


  Some basic statistics about Bunker Hill Dragstrip:  Elevation: 600 ft. above sea level, 2,700 feet in total length, 1/8 mile asphalt race format, 140 foot concrete launch pad and 1,900 feet of shut down. There are three exits from the track to the return road. The latest Accutime timing system is used with infra red photo cells at the starting line, 60', 330', 594' and at the 660' finish line. 


 Bunker Hill Dragstrip has been in operation since 1956, and is celebrating 62 years of motorsports entertainment in 2018.        

Aerial view of Bunker Hill Dragstrip 7/9/2010



  Special Eliminators; there are special eliminators that may be run during special events. Check the track schedule for more information.


 Top E.T.; all out performance, special built race vehicles, performing from 0.00 seconds to 7.99 seconds elapsed time (E.T.) in the 1/8 mile asphalt dragstrip. Delay boxes, trans brakes and two step rev limiters permitted. Any type of device used to determine vehicle "down track location" strictly prohibited. Any and all race vehicles are subject to inspection at any time to verify legality in such matters.


  Motorcycle; the full range of motorcycles, from special built race vehicles to highly modified street bikes, performing from 4.50 seconds E.T. and slower. Snowmobiles with asphalt pads and skid dollies may participate as well. Please call the track for specific dates of motorcycle only eliminators or races.


 Modified; usually OEM full bodied type muscle cars with some serious modifications for drag racing purposes, E.T. from 0.00 seconds to 9.09 seconds, generally not drivable on the street and used only to drag race. No delay boxes permitted.


  Sportsman; (aka Street) this is typically any type of street legal vehicle, performance level from 7.50 second E.T. and slower. Competition exhaust systems permitted. DOT's are also permitted.


 Trophy; this is typically any type of OEM street legal vehicle, driven to and from the race track. Exhaust system must have mufflers, performance mufflers permitted. DOT branded tires are required.


  Jr. Dragster - Major; half scale dragsters utilizing one 5 H.P. Briggs and Stratton engine, for the kids. Major class consist of ages 10 to 18 at an E. T. performance level of 8.90 second E.T. and slower, 1/8 mile, plus Advanced Jr. dragsters, ages 13 to 18, at an E.T. performance level as quick as 7.90, 1/8 mile. Trophy to winner and runner up.


  Jr. Dragster - Minor; half scale dragsters utilizing one 5 H.P. Briggs and Stratton engine, for the kids. Minor class consist of ages 8 & 9 at an E. T. performance level of 12.90 and slower, plus ages 10 & 11 at an E.T. performance level of 11.90 and slower.


Times may vary dependent upon weather conditions & special events

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